Intensive Care

Veterinary Specialists of Greater New Orleans has a specialized intensive care unit providing 24 patient care. Complete with cutting edge monitoring equipment, and diagnostic analyzers, each of our patients in our intensive care suite have continual supervision from our caring veterinarians and staff. Post-operative medications and pain preventatives are provided as needed to make your pet's recovery as comfortable as possible.

  • •Monitor heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels
  • •Perform laboratory blood work including blood chemistries, electrolyte levels, complete blood counts (CBCs), and urinalysis
  • •Utilize our digital radiography system (X-ray) to locate fractures, measure organ size, detect foreign objects
  • •Ultrasound is used to discover internal bleeding, or fluid accumulations
  • •Provide fluids, medications, and pain preventatives

Veterinary Specialists of Greater New Orleans is pleased to be the latest specialty hospital for the furry family members of New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, Harahan, and the surrounding areas of southeast Louisiana. If you have a referral for our hospital, please contact us at 504-510-3300.