Laser Therapy

Veterinary laser therapy is the use of laser light to alleviate pain and inflammation, as well as heal wounds. Our experienced specialists and veterinarians understand the benefits of this drug-free and pain-free instrument. We are pleased to offer this advantage to our patients. Many wounds can be treated and healed much faster when laser therapy is applied. For example, incisions made during surgical procedures heal faster when a therapy laser used on that area. Other wounds such as a bite from another animal, lick granulomas, and even fractures can be effectively treated with the therapy laser at the Veterinary Specialists of Greater New Orleans. Our caring doctors continually strive to ensure that only the safest and most effective treatments are provided at Veterinary Specialists of Greater New Orleans.

If your pet has a wound or painful condition in New Orleans or anywhere in southeast Louisiana and you would like to know if laser therapy would benefit them, call one of our compassionate team members and schedule an appointment today!