Soft Tissue Surgery

The board-certified surgeons at Veterinary Specialists of Greater New Orleans provide the highest level of surgical care available in veterinary medicine. Our highly skilled surgeons have many years of successful surgical experience, and they will bring that same level of care to your pet. Soft tissue surgeries are performed in our hospital when surgery is necessary to treat disorders involving the cardiothoracic, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and urogenital systems as well as conditions of the ear, nose and throat. Some of the more common conditions diagnosed and treated at our hospital include:

Gastrointestinal Surgery:

  • •Prophylactic gastropexy
  • •Gastric dilation and volvulus
  • •Intestinal Resection and Anastomosis
  • •Foreign body removal
  • •Subtotal Colectomy for Megacolon
  • •Splenectomy
  • •Abdominal Exploratory with Biopsy

Liver and Biliary Surgery:

  • •Gallbladder Removal (Cholecystectomy)
  • •Liver Lobectomy
  • •Extrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt Ligation

Cardiac Surgery:

  • •Patent Ductus Arteriosus
  • •Heart Based Tumors
  • •Persistent Right Aortic Arch (PRAA)

Thoracic Surgery:

  • •Patent Ductus Arteriosus Ligation (PDAL)
  • •Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair
  • •Lung Lobectomy
  • •Cranial Mediastinal Mass Removal
  • •Chylothorax (Thoracic Duct Ligation )
  • •Pericardiectomy

Urogenital Surgery:

  • •Kidney biopsy
  • •Nephrectomy (Kidney Removal)
  • •Ectopic Ureter Reimplantation
  • •Urinary Stone Removal
  • •Bladder Tumor Excision
  • •Urethral Prolapse Correction
  • •Cancers and Tumors of the Urogenital System

Other Types of Surgeries Performed:

  • •Brachycephalic Corrective Surgery
  • •Total Ear Canal Ablation (TECA)
  • •Lateral Bulla Osteotomy (LBO)
  • •Upper Airway Syndrome
  • •Salivary Mucocele
  • •Nasal tumor
  • •Mandibulectomy
  • •Maxillectomy