Digital Radiography

The digital x-ray unit at Veterinary Specialists of Greater New Orleans is an advanced system that provides high-quality diagnostic images. Our digital system requires little exposure to radiation. The radiograph images can be manipulated and contrasted, leading to fewer x-ray retakes. Our radiography unit also provides images within seconds, enabling our board-certified veterinary surgeons and doctors to begin treatment immediately. There are many conditions, disease states, and injuries that can be determined using our radiograph system including:

  • •Diagnosing cause of lameness
  • •Detecting bone fractures
  • •Diagnosing hip and elbow dysplasia
  • •Locating intestinal obstructions
  • •Measuring organ size for damage or disease
  • •Discovering tumors in the chest and abdomen

Cutting edge technology, combined with the compassion and expertise of our doctors, makes Veterinary Specialists of Greater New Orleans an excellent choice when your pet requires a specialist.